The Beautiful Symphony amongst the Chaos

“This is a beautiful symphony…it may look like chaos, but everything seems to just flow.”

My mother-in-law said the previous statement about Indonesian traffic while here at the beginning of the month. We live on one of the most populated islands in the world and people fill the toll road as they pile into Bandung weekly for shopping and every alleyway is full of cars trying to get to their final destination.  However, traffic is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Lines on the road are optional here; I heard once that they are normally just for the foreigners comfort. (J)  Sometimes in what is a 2 lane road, 4 cars will fit side by side and cars will fill every space available and the little space they do allow, motorbikes will use to weave in and out of traffic to get to the front of all the cars.  As the cars move, everyone knows the unwritten rules and things move like a well-oiled machine.  Cars and motorbikes switch lanes and move like a beautiful symphony. As my mother-in-law said this, it finally gave me words for the traffic…a symphony of machines that fill the roads and interweave in and out of each other.  Just like the notes flowing from a symphony, what may seem like chaos by itself when you see the whole picture it becomes beautiful music. 

Bryn and my life in this country is sort of like the traffic, we weave in and out of troubles and sickness. Sometimes we just don’t know the rules or our language fails and we don’t know what to do. We are in the chaotic part of the symphony and like most foreigners that see the traffic in this country, it is incomprehensible and they can’t make sense of it.  We have seemed to stay in the part of the symphony that just does not seem to slow down and the notes seem to be runs that are never ending and there seems like there is not an end in sight and we don’t understand why, but we are trusting the grand composer knows what He is doing.  When we think that the sickness that has invaded my body has finally at rest, it starts right up into another chaotic melody.   Migraines, Stomach stuff, and back pain are the chaos that seems to halt life.  Are they all independent lines of the symphony (illnesses) or are they all related?  It just doesn’t make sense, but I know the composer and He knows what is going on and I am trusting that He is directing the music and He will teach me how to play this part of the symphony and that it would even in the chaos be a resounding song that will display Him and Him alone. 

As you get stuck in traffic or hear the sound a beautiful symphony playing, please stop and say a prayer for us in the chaos of the symphony for who do not see the full picture and don’t understand what is going on.  Pray for strength and hope and pray we will remember the composer who is creating the beautiful symphony in our lives. Our symphony is not finished, but it is a work in progress and at times it is chaos, but God makes beautiful music in the chaos. 

During this chaos, here are a few things you can join us in prayer about:


  • Pray for open eyes and hearts.

Bryn and I:

  • Pray for strength as we are going through this trial.
  • Pray for answers and wisdom on what steps we are to take, if that means me flying to the states to have medical care or going to Singapore, etc.
  • Pray for Bryn as He began school today and for fruit of the spirit as He teaches and as we are going through this trial.
  • Pray for guidance from the Father for purpose for my life, Courtney, during this time and for the future.  Through the sickness and after stopping teaching, I am having a hard time finding purpose.  I know that it is there, but it doesn’t seem like I have purpose right now.  All ideas that I have and that God has given me, I keep getting a “not yet” answer and it is hard.Image