Learning to Be

“It’s not all about doing.  It’s about being.

You need to just let yourself ‘be here’ first before you start doing stuff.”

-Robin Jones Gunn

I have finally been able to define what this season of life is…a season of “being”. For all of my life, I have always been a doer and not a person who just is. I always found ways to do something for the kingdom, but I am realizing more and more than I don’t have to always do something, but I can just be and God can still use me. When arriving in Indonesia, I was so busy with doing: lesson plans, adjusting to marriage, and trying to figure out the culture, but I was forcing myself to do what God had not made me to do. The last five months have been a very different season, I am learning to “be.” I do not need to do everything, but I need “to be” in Christ. I am learning the language by being and practicing in my everyday life and with the help of my wonderful tutor and I am being and allowing God to bring opportunities daily my way, whether that would be cooking with my helper, having long conversations with my helper, UNO games with my helper’s daughter, or long walks with no agenda. God is renewing me and allowing me to see the culture and allowing me really love even more being in Indonesia. Through this time of being God is slowly revealing to me ways that I can “be” effective and use the gifts and skills He has given me to use for His glory.  I am still figuring this one out…stay tuned for more information in a later post. Sometimes it is not easy to “be” and I want to “do”, but God is showing me His Will and allowing me to rest in Him and Him alone during this time. I challenge you to stop doing of your own strength and to start being in God’s strength and allow Him to do amazing things in you.

Our new Senior Pastor helped demonstrate this greatly in his sermon this morning during both the and English service in his sermon on Bezalel and Oholiab. Most of you are probably thinking…who?  Bezalel and Oholiab were the two people God appointed by name and whom God had given ability and skills for the different crafts needed to construct the Tabernacle (Exodus 35-36). He continued to tell us that we are called to do great things like both Bezalel and Oholiab and we may not be recognized or known, but that God has given us each skills to different purposes and we should use them for His kingdom. Pastor Ardi also warned us against being “Superman” and relying on our own ability. We are not Superman, and our abilities are given by God, so we should be and allow God to use us to do amazing things through the skills that He has given us with.

I don’t know what season you are in, but I challenge you to allow yourself to “be” in Christ. I also challenge you if you are in a season of doing that you would do within the skills God has given and you would do within His strength and not in your own ability.

Prayer Requests and Praises


–          I am so thankful for my wonderful Mom this Mother’s day (or at least it is in America).  I am also thankful that my Mom is healing after a very long recovery after her Gallbladder surgery….Praise God!!

–          Housing stuff is slowly coming together and it looks like we will be able to completely move into our new house at the beginning of June. Only thing that must be done is to put curtains up around the windows.

Prayer Requests:


–          Pray for the 150 million unbelievers and the many unreached groups in Indonesia.

–          Pray for the 600 Baptist Churches around Indonesia and of those 600 churches 200 of those churches do not have pastors at this time. Pray for workers to be sent from the harvest from other countries and from inside Indonesia.

–          Pray for the believers and Ms to stand strong amidst the persecution that surrounds us.

–          Pray for the spiritual and material poverty.

–          Pray for the government of this nation.


–          Pray for the many upcoming events:

  • Tuesday, May 15 (around 2:00 AM central time) is the Music department at BAIS last performance. Pray that His Name will be made known.
  • Wednesday, May 16 is Middle School Banquet that Bryn and I will be attending.
  • Saturday, May 19 is Senior Banquet.  Pray for the Seniors and this time of building them up before they leave.  Bryn will be speaking on behalf of one of the Seniors, please pray that God would give Him the words to say.

–          Pray for all of the new teacher that are coming in August: Mark and Joelene Boccaccio and his and family (Business manager), Peggy Alex (5th grade), Hermione Zhang (Mandarin), Brian Lovejoy (Secondary Math), Matt and Erin Squiers and their boys Kadin and Jace, Beth LaMertha (Secondary English), Lisa Witham (PE), Paula Christensen (Secondary Science), Rachel Carpenter (ESL-Immersion), and Caroline Miller (ESL-Immersion).  Pray for transition for all of these singles and families, especially the Squiers family with little kids.

–          Pray for the outgoing staff: Diyan Yap (moving to Brazil after getting married in Indonesia and then having another ceremony in NY with his fiancé who is working at the NICS school in Brazil), Lori Newsom (going to US for summer and then to India), Kelly Thompson (going to America for a season), Janine and Gregg Hegle (going to America for summer and then going to NICS school in Peru), Jason and Janet Phillips and their 5 kids (to states for a season of seeking God’s will, will be leaving May 31st),  Adam and Bekk (will be doing to Australia and then possibly India), and Yuhei Taguchi (moving to Canada).  Please pray for great last weeks and for their transition to the different countries that they are going to.

–          Pray for the remaining of the semester and that God would be working in the hearts of the students.


–          Pray for protection against spiritual forces that have been raging.

–          Pray for God to continue to reveal what opportunities to pursue.

–          Pray for financial support.


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