The Power of the Cross

Hidup, Hudup, Juru Selamatku,

He lives, He lives, Savior,

Sungguhlah hidup, Tuhanku, hidup di hatiku.

Certainly He lives, my Lord, lives in my heart.

Those beautiful words translated into Indonesian and then translated into English again are from the Hymn, He Lives. He lives! He lives! I know because He lives in my heart. What beautiful words these are that many do not understand in this country.  They know of Jesus only as a prophet, they know of his crucifixion, but they do not belief he really died. They believe that His body was replaced and someone else actually died and that it was not our Lord. They don’t believe that God would be that cruel to His son and they see it as a preposterous idea. They don’t know that He lives and He does not live in their hearts.

The crucifixion was a demonstration of the character of God and it was God’s answer to a divine problem…sin. David Platt said, “no matter how big or small sin is, what matters is who is sinned against. If you sin against a rock, you are not very guilty. If you sin against a man, you are guilty.  If you sin against God, You are infinitely guilty. One sin is an infinite offense. One in Genesis 3 brought the world to how it is today. One sin brought condemnation. We have committed thousands.” We have denounced God’s sovereignty, we have dishonored His holiness and exchanged His glory for stuff, we have despised His righteousness, we have disregarded his wrath, and we have denied his love. The cross is a picture of how valuable God is and how small we are. So many times, we look at the cross and see us and our sin being taken away, but as I have studied the last week and listened to many sermons, I have began to see the cross as the amazing exaltation of God in the cross not about me. He is our divine substitution, but God satisfies Himself in the place of sinner. “The debt was so great, that while man alone owed it, only God could pay it,” Anselm once said. We are to embrace the curse of sin and run to the cross. For it is not about us in our man-centered world, but all about God and His glory.  For more information on this you can listen to David Platt’s secret churchs on the Cross of Christ or Crucifixion, Salvation, and the Glory of God.

We have as man-centered world shrink-wrapped the Gospel to a repeated prayer and card signing. I love what David Platt said, “If He is not LORD of all, He cannot be your Savior.” We must make Him LORD of our life and live for Him, for He gave all for us.  He deserves us to submit to him daily. It was our sin that nailed Him to the tree. He is not just a way out of the sin that entangles us, He is not just a substitution for our sins on the cross, but He should be our Savior and LORD and He should guide our footsteps each day. He deserves so much more.

Each day, I step out into a world that does not have hope and they do not have a LORD or a Savior. They worship what they have known for generations, but they are entangled in the sin that surround them, because they do not realize the substitution they have in Christ. They do not realize that “Christ’s blood is heaven’s key,” as Thomas Brooks said. They worship “God,” but they miss out on the hope through Christ. They have been told stories from the Bible, but the stories they have been told leaves holes within the stories and it leaves the biggest hole of all and part of the story that matters most…Christ.  The key to the story of Christ taking their condemnation and the Savior that has died for them. As you go throughout the day today, pray for these people who do not have hope.  Pray that the lies they have been told will be revealed. Pray for people to come their way to reveal the lies and to bring light. And as you walk through today, don’t take for granted the cross.

Through the cross, we have life. Don’t miss out on opportunities God is leading you to that will be light in the darkness of someone’s life.  We live and have life only if we have Him as SAVIOR and LORD of our life and because He lives and only if He lives within our hearts.

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